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  • JD - Registered Nurse

    This post requires a sound knowledge of Nursing system and procedures, knowledge of Nursing standards and protocols and being able to understand medical prescriptions, IT knowledge and be able to adhere to a roaster system.

    Role & Purpose

    • To provide round the clock observations and care

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate care and act accordingly to any anomaly
    • Effective and smooth admission and discharge of patients
    • Ensure safety of patients at all times
    • Attend to patients daily activities of living according to needs
    • Implement and maintain all hospital policies, procedures and routines
    • Effective documentation of care
    • Administration of prescribed drugs - orally, intramuscular and intravenously
    • Follow infection control policy and procedures
    • Effective disposal of waste
    • Ensure confidentiality at all times


    Essential: Certificate in General Nursing

    Desirable:BSc in Nursing



    • Experience: 0 - 8 years
  • Annabelle

    Our values

    Medical Expertise

    'Work becomes more enjoyable when you know that you have all the medical facilities under one roof.'

    Annabelle Henri

    Staff Nurse

  • Valerie

    Our values

    People at heart

    'Sometimes even the smallest gesture of kindness like a kind word or a smile is enough to make a patient feel cared for.'

    Valerie Bolaram

    Staff Nurse

  • Our values


    'It is challenging yet highly rewarding to take care of physically impaired or disabled people, whatever their age or severity of condition'

    Rajamanickram Saravanan

    Head Physiotherapist